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Banished Lands : The Official Welcome Page

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Banished Lands is a multi user dungeon, or MUD. A MUD is a role playing game implemented on a computer, and accessable by anyone with telnet capability. Feel free to jump straight into the game using the "Login" link above, or explore the other information available here. If the "Login" link does not work for you, please check out the "Helpful Links."

Banished Lands is based on DentinMud code, which plays much like Diku. Banished Lands was started as an off shoot of Alter Aeon sometime in the hazy year of 1995. Much like most muds Banished began life with a medevil D&D type theme, but then Wyvren our creator got bored and began to mix more sci-fi and fantasy into the game. Her eventual goal is to have a Babylon 5 meets H.P. Lovecraft inspired world of horror and delight.

What makes Banished Lands Unique?

What's New?

Whether its new code, new areas, new gods or new sneakers for Christmass anything new should be here. You can also check out our Automated Change log.

Who's Connected

See who is logged on without even connecting to the game! Bewarned that you cannot see anyone who is effected by the "invisiblity" spell using the www interface.

Online Help

Check out the mud's help pages useing our www interface. Helpful for times when you don't want your help pages to scroll past while your gaming.

Helpful Links

We could all use a little help every-now and then. So here we have some useful how-to's, glossaries, FAQs, and free telnet and mud clients.

Gods : The guys that run the Game

Gods or Immortals are the ladies and fellows that donate much of their time to keeping the mud functional. They add new features to the mud, build areas for players to explore, and keep the mud running smoothly. Here are a few words about the people running the show, with links to their welcome pages, and email contacts.

Players : The guys that play the Game

Players, sometimes called mortals, are the reason it all happens. Many of our players have been around for 3 years now! Here is a rather miscilanious collection of information, and links to a few of our player's home pages. To add your's to the list just email the MUD ADMIN with the URL.

Area Listings

A list of our current areas, a little sneak preview of areas coming up, and with any luck a few stories and fables about some of the more mysterious places to go.

Clans and Brethren

Summary information about each of the offical clans of Banished Lands. In some cases links to clan web pages, information on elders of clans, and contacts.

Rules and Policies

A short collection of rules for gods, and players. Also includes the "How do I become a God?" factoid, and definitions of various disiplinary actions.

Alter Aeon

Visit the original DentinMud, Alter Aeon, still maintained by Dentin. Alter Aeon is DIKU-like multi-class mud with mage, thief, cleric and warrior classes available.

Confused or cannot find what your looking for? Why not check out the sitemap.

Questions or comments? Email us here: MUD ADMIN
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