Banished Lands : The Clans

Dark Angels

Elders: Ogy Maldor Flynn

From darkness we have risen, on wings of the blackest kind, we are destined to be the Masters of the world. Few equal us, none surpass us. We fight with our hearts, our bodies, and our souls. There is a song we sing, when we march into battle, that lifts our spirts and brings us victory.

Lord of battle, I pray on bended knee, conquest by the rising sun. I'll wait for thy command with flame and blood at hand, Glory, and a broken sword I am the master of the world i have no fear of man nor beast, born inside the soul of the world. Riding hard breaking bone, with steel and stone, eternal might i was born to weild. Let us drink to the battles we've lived and we've fought, celebraite the pain and havok we have wrought. Great hero's charge into the fight from the north to the south in the black of night. The clash of honor calls, to stand when others fall, gods of war, feel the power of Thy sword.

We sing this, we march, we fight, and we win. Thus is our way, thus is our life.


Elders: Cobre Dart Narthrex

Banished Lands oldest surviving clan. Rednecks have survived through times of plenty, and times of scarcity. They are bonded together by the number of deaths they encounter on their expeditions. The Rednecks are known to help each other out on a regular basis, and run quest.


Elders: Soulcutter Zyenea Az

Banished Lands newest clan receives major support from players new and old alike. Solace' current purpose is to encourage personal growth, and aid those in need. Solace is a newbie friendly clan, and as such requires no minimum levels. The clan has an internal structure, members progress from Acolyte to Factor to Nomarch (or Nomarcha).

Obsidian Knights

Elders: Beast Galen Alpha Jack

The Obsidian Knights are the best of the best. Obsidians are of the old guard of mudders, valuing mud knowledge, and ability. They do extensive questing to join and advance in rank. Vermathrax is currently building a beautiful castle for the clan to inhabit.

Knights of the Round Table

Elders: Quarles Zax Guc

A clan with a long and nobal history, the Knights of the Round Table have gone underground with their dealings. Perhaps if your good enough, and search long enough you can join their exclusive ranks.

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