Banished Lands : The Gods and Immortals

Gods or Immortals, are the ladies and fellows that donate much of their time to keeping the mud functional. They add new features to the mud, build areas for players to explore, and keep the mud running smoothly. Here are a few words about the people running the show, with links to their welcome pages, and email contacts.


Self-proclaimed dictator of this land. After all it is her mud. Anyway Wyvren enjoys breaking the code, unplugging the server, and deleting areas at random. Being the zenith of scatter-brainedness is not easy, someday we should hire a secretary for her.


Cygnus is the leading man of the mud. He enjoys selling knives to socio-paths, and directing lunatics on stage when he is not busy mudding. Cygnus is the saviour of the mud handling all the important stuff while Wyvren is dinking with the electrical cables.


Prolific builder of many dangerous and exciting areas. Paladin is probably the only one of us that ever gets anything done. Unforntuatly Paladin is also an elusive soul finding him is nearly impossible.


On sabatacle (or should we say swamped with classes and work) Vermathrax is an invisible god waiting for graduation. If only his area was done you could appreciate exactly how beautiful mere text could be.


Jalapeno has finished his first area. An incredably detailed chess board. Rumor has it that he is hard at work on a second area. Jalapeno has also built the many bowls of cheese dip and nachos roaming about the mud.


We like to think of DeVinci as a "God Emeritus." He is seldom seen now a days, but contributed a great amount of effort, time and creativity in the early days. We hope he is enjoying what every he does with all that free time one suddenly has when they stop mudding.


Newbie god Chance is busy at work building on the new "Echo" port of Banished Lands. We cannot allow you to know what he is building however or we would have to shoot you.


Jadon ventured off into the cold cruel world to creat a mud of his own, but apon realizing that running a mud sucks he came back to be with us. Jadon is the compiler man and is currently building on main port.


Our newest god on the "Echo" port working on his first area.


Yes that is Dentin as in DentinMud. He pops in on rare occasions to check out the damage that Wyvren has done to the mud, or to see if she just happened to have a cool idea or two that he might be able to use.


No one is real sure where she came from, but we are certain she is by no means holy. Once again seldom seen, but certain to be around for a long time.

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