Banished Lands : God Procedure

Gods are needed to run the game, if you desire to become a god, please follow these steps.

  1. Play the game
    You must play the game for a long enough period of time to understand how Banished Lands works.
  2. Desire to Contribute to the Game
    Seldom does someone become a god simply because, "they feel like it." You must have a desire to contribue to the game.
  3. Get an Idea
    Have something in mind you want to build as a god. Think it through, imagine it in detail, and ask yourself "will it fit into the existing world?"
  4. Post your Idea
    Post your idea on the board up, south of recall, or email your idea directly to the MUD ADMIN.
  5. Interview
    If your idea is suitable to the mud one of the gods will interview you. Keep in mind that more than one may interview you as well.
  6. Wait
    If your selected to become a god you will begin building on the Echo port.

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