Banished Lands : A Glossary of Common Terms

Just a quick bunch of abbreviations, and terms. Some are common to all muds other are unique to Banished Lands.

AA Alter Aeon, a sister mud connected through channels to Banished Lands.

AFK Away-From-Keyboard, or otherwise not really paying attention to the mud.

Aggro Aggressive, said of a mob that will attack without provocation.

BL Of course Banished Lands....

BRB Be-Right-Back, going away from the keyboard for just a minute.

compiler lag The main form of god induced lag. When the mud is re-compiled to update the code it takes a significant amount of the computers power.

EQ Equipment, the stuff you wear, wield, and simply carry around.

Exp Experience, a numerical quantity, shows on your score, earned by killing mobs, and used to level.

group A formal organization of players gathered together to kill and gain exp.

IMC Inter-Mud-Channel, a communication channel common to all muds at, all players of all the muds may listen/talk.

lag A general slowing of something between you and the mud, ie: your computer, the phone line, the machine the mud is on. See also netlag, compiler lag.

Lurking To lurk about the mud on a some sort of auto playing client.

Kill stealing To jump in and kill a mob that someone else beat up. This will get you in trouble.

Leader A player who walks around with a group of followers.

maze A non-linear set of rooms designed to confuse wanderers.

mistell When do to one reason or an other, a person tells a message to someone, which was intended for someone else.

mob Mobile, monster, or NPC (non-player-character): the beasties that you wander around and kill on the mud.

netlag The most common form of lag, when neither you, nor the mud has really slowed down, but rather a traffic jam of the network in-between the two.

newbie A newcomer to the mud, someone of less than level 15 usually, see also newbie-30.

newbie-30 Someone power-leveled to 30, generally by knowledgeable friends, that does not have the knowledge or tact that should go with such levels.

power-leveling The process by which one aggressively obtains levels fast as possible, generally results in newbie-30's.

repop When an area repops, or resets, all the mobs and equipment returns to its original place.

RL Real-Life, ie: time spent not on the mud.

Scout When a member of a group goes out ahead of the others to see what's in store. A dangerous job.

Spam Originally a reconstituted meat product. Normally too much stuff scrolling past to actually read. Occasionally anything you want.

Sprintlink The evil horrid communications company we used to deal with.

Tank A player designated to take all the damage during a group fight.

Tick Happens about every 30 seconds, your mana, hp, and move are increased.

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